Ritchy Flo


It is almost impossible to think of Gitmo without thinking of the great Ritchy Flo. A true jack of all trades there isn’t much Ritchy can’t do. A sought after rapper, producer and magician/mentalist isn’t something you come by every day. He masters each area of his craft with great ease! He is a Texas nomad and found himself in Denton where he has made his mark indefinitely. His drive to continue to progress and create is like none other. He attributes much of his influence from his Grandpa who was a Jazz Clarinet player and his Father who was an engineer and sound man. He has been making music since he was 12 and feels like it is all he has ever known. He has witty bars over crazy beats that he produced himself and can make things appear with the flick of a wrist. One of a kind is an understatement and crowds cannot keep their eyes off of him. He keeps his eyes on the prize, puts his work in with Gitmo and lets the rest work itself out. It has been a fool proof plan thus far and we know we will see him go extraordinarily far.

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